About Donuts

My ceramic donuts are hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel, hand-trimmed, individually hand-decorated using porcelain and sometimes stoneware, and glazed with a fine paintbrush. My pieces are made in their entirety by only me.

My donut bodies are stonewares that are harvested in the Western USA. My icings are made from porcelain slip that I make and dye myself, the sprinkles are individually hand-cut or hand-rolled, dyed porcelain, and the crumbles/powders are porcelain or stoneware trimmings and dust.



I create extra details such as espresso beans, marshmallows, pecans, and fruit loops from porcelain using molds that I make myself from scratch. My whipped cream dollops are piped thick New Zealand porcelain slip.

All my donuts are fired twice, reaching a final temperature of 2200°F. I never modify my pieces after they are fired. My work is made entirely of traditional ceramics materials. 



The production of a single donut takes one month from start to finish and a LOT of love. 

Each donut has a unique ID number, denoting its series and piece number. 

My signature – a small square bunny with eyes - can be found on the side of each piece.

I hope you enjoy owning my pieces as much as I enjoy making them!