About the Artist

Catherine McMillan is a self-taught artist from Ancaster, Ontario currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She holds a BSc in Nutritional Sciences and a MSc in Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences.

Beginning her full-time art career in 2017, Catherine primarily focused on painting, exhibiting her hyperrealistic airbrushed stencil works locally and internationally before becoming a full-blown ceramics addict. Her interest lies in exploring the nuanced and often unarticulated elements that somehow cue a strong emotional response. She has a passion for using an overwhelming number of small pieces to amplify a strong emotional response. Her methods and process are both heavily influenced by her background in lab and clinical sciences.

When Catherine isn’t chasing her toddler around the botanical gardens in Seattle, she is sleeping, drinking tea, or trying to make art. She is a social introvert, a published author, and enjoys the psychology of art. 

 “I want a viewer who looks at my work for an hour to get something more than a viewer who looks at my work for a minute, or a second. Whether someone is experiencing apathy, nostalgia, delight, or something unexplained in response to something I create and put on a wall, I want to witness that and if possible, examine that."